Teaching Computer Studies in English in Values House Schools

      Our school " Values House Schools "believes that learning different languages is very important in our life , so it gives great interest to help the students to learn English.

       In our schools, we help our students to learn "computer studies "in English. We teach all the grades  in the primary stage "computer studies" in English as a way to gain the language.  

Teaching English Language in Values House Schools

Values House Schools were established in 1429 H. At that time, there were only kindergarten and primary stages. Then , we found it necessary to widen our schools . So, we set up the intermediate stage in 1430. At last, we completed our success by setting up the secondary stage in 1435. 

In our schools, we give great interest to teaching languages. We have five classes weekly in the primary stage. Also, we have six classes in the intermediate and secondary stages.In addition to that, we have special classes for English conversation . We teach our students in our schools special syllabus " English World " , in addition to the governmental books. We aim to help our students learn English simply and fluently.